Penrith, New South Wales, Australia

Penrith lies at the foot of Blue Mountain, located in the west of Sydney and 55 kilometers from the downtown area of the city. It has a temperate climate and a graceful environment, with an area of 407 square kilometers and nearly 180,000 residents. Its history can trace back to the 18th century. Being the main artery of traffic leading to hinterland from Sydney, it is geographically important. Therefore it is the fastest developing region of New South Wales and also one of the largest administrative divisions of Sydney. Historically agriculture and mining industry were the main economies of Penrith, providing grain and the most mineral resources of urban construction to Sydney. Economy of the city is various today, including the primary industry of mining, horticulture, and animal husbandry; the secondary industry of metalworking, packing, electron, building, and biological; and the tertiary industry of retail, wholesale, hygiene, education, and tourism. There are six industrial areas in the whole city, and land used for industry is cheap, offering various kinds of services. Small enterprises are dominating in most trades, with no more than 20 employees for 92% of companies. Penrith riches in various city facilities, such as parks, gardens, cultural and meeting places of international standard. There are shops in ample supply; houses suitable for choosing extensively; and various kinds of tourism facilities. The educational undertaking is developed. The University of Western Sydney is a famous cultural and educational center. Penrith is the host city for rowboat match of 2000 Sydney Olympics. The whole city divides into three pieces of precinct of north, south and east. 5 representatives elected for a term of four years in every precinct form the city council, making decisions to policies and financial programs of the city. The city council sets up four special commissions of management, environment project, finance, and service. The municipal government has 6 operation branches, working under the leadership of the Mayor and the Secretary-general of the city and carrying out the resolution of the municipal committee. With the approval of Office of Foreign Affairs of the city of Beijing, Xicheng District set up friendly relations of exchange and cooperation with Penrith in 1998. Through the exchange visits of leaders of both sides and exchanges of culture and education over the past several years, mutual understanding and friendship between the two cities have strengthened, and common developments have been promoted.

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