Sports Industry

Sports facilities in Xicheng District are being perfected gradually and the sports industry is steadily developing. Mass sports have been supported under the principle of “Imparting Love to the People, Creating Convenience for the People and Guaranteeing the Interests of the People.” Conditions have been created allowing the people to get involved in National Fit-keeping Programmes at their convenience. The district has more than 200 health-building projects, totally occupying an area of over 50,000 square metres (sq.m), more than 3,000 special health-building outlets, and 199 sites for morning and evening exercises of national fit-keeping activities, which are scattered in all the communities, parks and squares, with 100 percent coverage of the neighbourhoods and 55 percent of the communities. This has greatly satisfied the people’s needs for fitness and physical health. In the district, there are 20 special sports committees and 9 “directing centres for scientific bodybuilding.” Within the year of 2017, there are 3972 sportsmen, 71 coaches, 626 referees and 8484 social sports instructors in Xicheng District. It also has 1065 pieces of sports ground.

Xicheng District has many stadiums, including Yuetan Gym, Guang’an Gym, Desheng Sports Center and Yuetan Stadium, with 1.1 square metres per capita in stadium area. All these have served as a good carrier for the health and fitness of the people. The sports school in the district has over 1,400 registered students. Shichahai Sports School, situated in the district, was the first school of its kind in Beijing, which has cultivated a large number of sports talents for Beijing and the nation. Xiannongtan Sports School, known as the “Cradle of Physical Education,” was the earliest training base for fostering sports talents since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, which has trained many champions of Asia and the world.

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