Education Resources

With rich and excellent educational resources, Xicheng District has a number of exemplary middle schools that are locally and even nationally renowned, such as Beijing No. 4 Middle School, Beijing No. 8 Middle School, Beijing Experimental Middle School and the Middle School Affiliated with Beijing Normal University. In addition, there are other famous primary schools such as the Beijing No.1 Experimental Elementary School, Beijing No. 2 Experimental Elementary School, and Beijing Elementary School. Among them, the Hui People’s Elementary School, a school for ethnic groups, has a long history and has been sticking to developing various educational activities for years to promote an excellent traditional ethnic culture and lay a good foundation for cultivating talents of ethnic groups.

Xicheng District has also made continuous efforts to adjust the educational resources in primary and middle schools, and readjust school layouts, which resulted in a more reasonable educational structure and school layout, and the remarkably improved teaching conditions. By the end of 2017, Xicheng District has 177 schools with 40172 new entrants, 142383 full-time students and 29293 graduates. They include 58 elementary schools with 15050 new entrants, 77537 full-time students and 10620 graduates, 4 junior high schools with 10181 new entrants, 24971 full-time students and 7322 graduates, 39 middle schools with 6596 new entrants, 20035 full-time students and 6464 graduates, 73 kindergartens with 8297 new entrants, 19398 full-time students and 4828 graduates, 2 schools of special education with 33 new entrants, 376 full-time students and 42 graduates as well as 1 work-and-study school with 15 new entrants, 66 full-time students and 17 graduates. During the year, 2 new education groups has been established, and the number of education groups in Xicheng District increased to 19.

In accordance with the law, Xicheng District ensures the growth of funding for education and steady improvement in the quality of education and teaching. The level of basic education maintains a leading rank in the whole city, the integration of vocational education resources makes a steady progress, and the system of lifelong education gets improved. In recent five years, 20 schools have completed renovation and expansion and sites of 360 schools have been reinforced.

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