Social Security

Starting from solving issues of most concern to the people, the most practical, and most closely connected with people’s interests, the social security of Xicheng District focuses on socializing the old insurance service, promoting employment, perfecting the social insurance system and some other key issues.

In the year of 2015, the per capita disposable income of urban residents totaled 67492 yuan with an increase of 8.1 percent year on year. The per capita non-productive expenditure of urban residents stood at 43595 yuan, up by 1 percent over the previous year. The Engel’s coefficient was as high as 21.5%. The number of the people who participated in pension system, working safety insurance, unemployment insurance and reproduction insurance has respectively reached 1.916 million, 1.317 million, 1.447 million and 1.245 million.

In the past five years, Xicheng District has invested more than 50 billion yuan to implement 221 “useful and good things for common people” and has paid for various kinds of relief of 400 million yuan. Six sub-district job aid centers have been set up and the registered unemployment rate has standed at 0.94%. All sub-districts of Xicheng District own their psychological service center for the aged and have set up 30 standardized dinning rooms for the aged and the disabled. The government has built obstacle-free facilities for 102 dwellings. 64 care homes for the disabled and 22 vocational rehabilitation centers have also been built. The construction of indemnificatory apartments has made a great progress. There are three projects of which the structures have been finished, they are Huilongguan PhraseⅠ in Changping District, Zhangyicun in Fengtai District and Changyang in Fangshan District. And there are eight projects that had begun to construct, for example, the one in Nanyuan, Fengtai District. In order to promote the “Vegetable Basket” Project, Xicheng District signed strategic cooperation agreements with China State Farm Agribusiness (Group) Corporation and Beijing Er Shang Group, and has set up 6 vegetable supply bases and completed the reconstruction of 10 vegetables markets and the construction of 15 convenience food stores. The relevant departments of Xicheng District have also strengthened the supervision of food and drugs safety, of which the sample pass rate has reached 98% and 99.7% respectively.

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