2018 Beijing Intangible Cultural Heritage Fashion and Innovative Design Competition Launched

2018 Beijing Intangible Cultural Heritage Fashion and Innovative Design Competition was launched recently, sponsored by Xicheng District Commission of Culture, supported by Beijing Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center and Beijing’s other districts’ commission of culture, and co-undertaken by Xicheng District Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center, Renmin University of China, the Communication University of China, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, the College of Arts of Beijing Union University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing City University, National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts and Beijing Nationality University. The competition collects fashion design plans combining intangible cultural heritage with seven traditional festivals or Winter Olympics-themed elements. The event includes the launching ceremony, an experiencing event, the competition, and an achievement show.

Traditional festival culture is one of the essence of national civilization. It is a kind of culture created and shared by a nation, which will naturally form a national cohesive force and have a great spiritual influence. The Mid-Autumn Festival, the Chongyang Festival, the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival, the Qingming Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, and the Qixi Festival are China’s seven traditional festivals. At the launching ceremony, Xicheng District’s inheritors of intangible cultural heritage items which are closely related to these traditional festivals, were invited to share stories between them and intangible cultural heritage with their works which are representatives of these traditional festivals. And Mr. Gao Wei, a folklore expert, was also invited to give a lecture on the origin, customs, history of traditional festivals and how to protect traditional festivals and pass them on.

The organizer said that organizations, colleges and universities, cultural innovation enterprises, design companies and designers, intangible cultural heritage makers, crafts makers, students, etc. who are interested in intangible cultural heritage are all welcome to participate in the competition as an individual or a group. After preliminary assessment and final assessment, 2 first prize winners, 4 second prize winners, 6 third prize winners and 20 good award winners will be selected. Institutes of intangible cultural heritage protection and cultural innovation enterprises will also select 3 projects out of the first, second and third prize winners to present the “most potential project for application to market” award, and give them funds for application.

Sponsored by Xicheng District People’s Government of Beijing Municipality

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