Safe and Happy National Day Holiday in Xicheng District

Policemen are on duty during the National Day holiday.

Firefighters are ready to protect regional safety.

City administration officer checks tour guide’s certificate.

Light show "I Love You, China" is staged in the Financial Street.

Children read books to spend the holiday.

During the holiday, the Dashilan commercial street is crowded with tourists.

Beijing Fun in Qianmen attracts many tourists.

Tourists take pictures on the Yinding Bridge in Shichahai.

A couple print the National flag on their face to celebrate the National Day.
In order to ensure a happy and peaceful holiday for people in Xicheng District, top officials of the Xicheng District government conducted a comprehensive safety check in scenic spots, shopping malls and supermarkets, transportation hubs and other busy places in Xicheng District during the National Day holiday. Xicheng District’s public security, transportation, urban management, sanitation and other departments were all on duty during the holiday to ensure the security of the district and the safety of citizens.

During the holiday, rich and colorful cultural activities have been held in Xicheng District. Light show "I Love You, China" in the Financial Street sent a special birthday greeting to the country. From October 1 to 7, more than 60 cultural activities of 14 kinds have been staged in Xicheng District, with nearly 10000 citizens and tourists’ participation. Square dance performances, art exhibitions, Chinese opera performances, film screening activities, reading activities and other cultural activities held in sub-districts and communities offered citizens an art feast.

Scenic spots in Xicheng District also received citizens and tourists from all over the country with rich cultural activities. Among Beijing’s key scenic spots with most arrivals, there are three in Xicheng District: the Shichahai scenic area, Beihai Park and Beijing Zoo.

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