First "Design Week in the Garden" Held in "Guangyang Valley" Urban Forest

Recently, the first "Design Week in the Garden" event was unveiled at the "meeting room" of "Guangyang Valley" urban forest. The Guangyang Valley exhibition area, one of the exhibition areas of the Xicheng branch venue of 2018 Beijing Design Week, takes "Urban Forest and Forest City" as its theme, and showcases new green life in Xicheng District integrating landscaping and greening, urban renovation and space utilization by holding themed exhibition, art display and online and offline interactive activities.

During the Design Week, the Guangyang Valley exhibition area was divided into three major exhibition areas: the urban forest area, the "meeting room" exhibition area, and the "sound of nature" experiencing area. The "meeting room" exhibition area is built on the north side of "Guangyang Valley" urban forest park, integrating functions of exhibition, education and interaction. The theme of the exhibition is ecological Xicheng District and urban forest display, showing the renovation and design idea and achievements of the old city’s urban forest and garden’s ecological space, as well as the release and display of the "Garden Art and Technological Products" exhibition. The urban forest area opened urban forest light show and other activities to the public. The "sound of nature" experiencing area cooperated with the International Society of Natural Artists, in which people could see, feel and experience nature. The exhibition not only highlighted the concept of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, but also explored the relationship between man, nature and art, presenting the charm of the original art itself in nature.

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