Beijing Fun Design Festival Opens: Branch Venue of 2018 Beijing Design Week

The Beijing Fun Design Festival, as the branch venue of the 2018 Beijing Design Week, opened on September 22. With the theme of "New Lifestyle", the design festival will feature experiencing scenes, creative installations, AI smart life, as well as the integration of culture, art, design, innovation, and technology.

The design festival includes the "Business Innovation and Cultural Renaissance" theme summit forum, the National Center for the Performing Arts’ "Classic Opera" concert, the "Smart Technology Creates Future Life" smart exhibition and the "Fashion & Life Explorer Space" experiencing store, and the "Appreciate High Quality, Enjoy New Life" salon, which will be held in the Quanyechang, the Quanyechang East Square, the Quanyechang West Square and businesses in Beijing Fun, Qianmen, Xicheng District.

The "Business Innovation and Cultural Renaissance" theme summit forum is jointly launched by Beijing Fun, the Organizing Committee of 2018 Beijing Design Week, the Commercial Real Estate Association of China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce, the Wu Xiaobo Channel and the Context Lab. It invites business leaders, industry celebrities and global brand representatives to conduct in-depth exchanges and dialogues about the core and the trend of the improvement of life quality.

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