“New Children’s Plan” to Cultivate Child Inventors

The inaugural meeting of the Children’s Creativity Development International Alliance (Branch) of China Association of Inventions (CAI) cum the launching ceremony of the "New Children’s Plan" of China Next Generation Education Foundation was held at the China National Children’s Center on August 3. Cheng Huai, the founder of Xicheng District’s well-known educational institution Fortune Fountain, takes up the post of the executive chairman of the alliance and the director of the "New Children’s Plan" project.

Co-established by China Association of Inventions and China Next Generation Education Foundation, the alliance is based on the principles of public welfare, openness, research, service and internationality. It is composed of famous scholars at home and abroad, experts from universities and social organizations, visionary entrepreneurs having strong sense of social responsibility, quality kindergartens and schools, excellent teachers, children and parents, and innovative products and services organizations.

In the future, the alliance will establish cooperative relationships from the international community, key regions, governments, enterprises, and education and research institutions to organize a series of activities that will help develop children’s creativity.

In order to make full use of the high-quality resources attracted by the alliance, and to benefit more kindergartens, teachers and children, China Next Generation Education Foundation, as one of the sponsors of the alliance, has launched the "New Children’s Plan". The foundation will establish an experimental park of children’s creativity development, in which activities for cultivating leading persons of the children’s creativity development subject and child inventors will be held.

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