Smart Study Built for Smart Reading

At the just-concluded 2018 National Book Expo, the smart study developed by Xinhua Shuchuang Media Technology Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Xinhua Bookstore, outlined the vision of the future "Book Gas Station". This year, Xinhua Shuchuang’s city study has achieved remarkable results. Red smart studies have been set up in Tianjin, and 24-hour bookstores are under gradual construction in all districts of Beijing.

The 24-hour red smart study is equipped with Xinhua Shuchuang’s smart devices, such as smart checkout counter, intelligent security monitoring system and RFID tags, making it easy for residents to borrow books, buy books and read in the study set up in their community.

The smart study is like a huge sensor. Through the Internet of Things, remote technology, etc., a book can connect a reader to the study, the library, and even the smart cloud platform. The "smart brain" composed of these platforms not only controls warehousing, distribution, membership information, outlets, payment and other links, but also uses big data to enable the study to accurately and quickly meet the reader’s personalized demands and improve customer experience.

Supported by the "smart brain", the smart study can also be connected to the "cultural living room" of the community, 24-hour bookstore, library, campus and other different reading places to promote the diversification, digitization and intelligent transformation of the physical bookstore.

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