Teacher and Student Delegation from Montreux Visited Xicheng District

A teacher and student delegation from Montreux, Switzerland visited Xicheng District, Beijing recently. The delegation of 8 people visited the "Guangyang Valley" urban forest, the Honglou public library and other newly-built leisure and cultural landmarks, and also participated in porcelain making, tie-dying, fan painting and other experiencing activities.

Since the Mayor of Montreux Laurent Wehrli proposed the idea of establishing a "Montreux Corner" during his visit to Xicheng District before, Xicheng District plans to set up an international sister city display hall at the "Guangyang Valley" urban forest park, considering displaying the note sculpture Montreux presented to Xicheng District in the display hall.

Xicheng District and Montreux City have kept a pragmatic, friendly and enthusiastic exchange attitude since the two sides became sister cities in 2013. They have achieved a lot in education, business, culture and other fields. In 2014, the two sides signed the intention letter on education cooperation to determine the friendly exchange between teachers and students of the two sides during every summer. In the past four years, the delegation of Montreux City has visited cultural, tourism and commercial areas in Xicheng District, as well as scenic spots and historical sites such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall in Beijing. The duration of each year’s visit is about two weeks. The Montreux delegation’s previous visits were undertaken by Xicheng District Foreign Languages School. Up to now, a total of 37 teachers and students from Xicheng District have visited Montreux, and a total of 36 teachers and students from Montreux have visited Xicheng District.

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