Folk Performance Staged in Xicheng District

Recently, a folk performance, as a part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Performance Season of the 2018 Xicheng District’s "Four Seasons of Culture", was staged at the theater of Xicheng District No.1 Culture Center, hosted by Xicheng District Commission of Culture.

The Tianqiao area used to be a bustling place where street-performers gave a variety of small shows in old times, best showing folk customs of the capital over centuries. This folk performance presented Tianqiao Zhongfan acrobatics, Tianqiao wrestling show, ancient Chinese tricks and other programs to the audience, so that the audience can enjoy the most original folk culture of the old Beijing.

In recent years, the protection work of intangible cultural heritage in Xicheng District has been steadily progressing and has achieved a lot. At present, there are 36 intangible cultural heritage items under state protection, 67 under city protection and 208 under district protection in Xicheng District.

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