East-West Fun Art Festival Opens at Beijing Fun

With the opening of the 2018 Beijing Xidan International Fashion Festival, Beijing Fun, as the branch venue of the festival for the first time, also opened the curtain of its own East-West Fun Art Festival.

The 2018 Beijing Xidan International Fashion Festival will last until September 17, launching a series of promotions with "Fashion, Culture, Quality and Life" as the core theme. It takes the Xidan commercial area as the main venue, Beijing Fun and the Financial Street as the branch venues.

As the cultural part of the Xidan International Fashion Festival, Beijing Fun’s activities mainly include the western music flash performance on the street, the "Arts FUN Time" Andy Warhol art theme flash store, a fair for young artists and Picasso art installation exhibition, bringing a high-level cultural feast to the public.

After upgrade and renovation, Beijing Fun consists of 17 buildings including the Quanyechang. Since its opening last year, more than 60 businesses have settled in the Beijing Fun, with a daily passenger volume of nearly 30000. Next year, the number of businesses in Beijing Fun can reach more than 80, covering cultural experience, theme catering, design and life, children’s supplies and entertainment, art space, etc. Located near the Palace Museum, the National Center for the Performing Arts, the National Museum of China and other famous cultural venues, Beijing Fun is in a unique cultural atmosphere, known as the "new landmark of Beijing culture".

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