Dingsheng Traditional Culture Research Academy Unveiled for Promoting Traditional Craftsmanship

Dingsheng Traditional Culture Research Academy was inaugurated recently. The research academy will make every effort to promote traditional crafts in danger of extinction, and to provide educational service in the form of "standard courses" for Chinese and foreign people who are interested in traditional Chinese culture. 14 traditional crafts such as watercolor block printing, traditional paper-cutting, kite making, palace lantern making, embroidery, knotting, clay sculpture making, wax fruit making and calligraphy will be promoted as key items, not only for inheriting traditional skills and culture, but also a new way for displaying and selling craftsmen’s works.

The research academy has reached a cooperation agreement with Beijing Archaized Porcelain Museum. The museum will serve as the lecture base of the research academy, inheriting and developing the techniques of porcelain making and porcelain painting. It will provide a learning and communication platform for porcelain culture lovers, and organize them to know the amazing history of Beijing archaized porcelain by visit and study.

The research academy also hires professional veterans such as a craftsman of Beijing palace lantern to teach the standard courses, and professors from famous universities to offer theoretical guidance. The standard courses will provide educational service of traditional culture for traditional culture enthusiasts, a further study platform for traditional craftsmen, and intangible cultural heritage training for school teachers.

As the standard courses are gradually improved, the promoting of intangible cultural heritage also begins to extend overseas. In the "Embrace China, Chinese Bridge" Beijing summer camp undertaken by the research academy, Chinese teenagers from Indonesia, the United States and other countries have had traditional Chinese culture courses such as paper-cutting, calligraphy, Chinese painting and tea ceremony, deepening their understanding of Chinese culture, and a chance for them to enjoy the charm of profound Chinese culture.

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