A New Urban Forest Unveiled in Xicheng District

Recently, residents living in the Guang’anmenwai area, Xicheng District have a new place for leisure and entertainment. Shortly after the opening of the Changlefang urban forest No. 1, the Changlefang urban forest No. 2 has also been completed and is open to the public now. The plot is located at the junction of the north side of the Chama Street and the Maliandao Hutong, with a total area of nearly 2000 square meters.

Xicheng District Bureau of Forestry and Parks construct it as a plot of urban forest. Several leisure spaces are connected with the path, where residents can take daily exercise. In the low-lying terrain, pebbles and gravel are used to build the rain garden. The urban forest reflects biodiversity by mainly adopting large trees and shrubs and featuring native species, forming a natural forest community. In addition, the forest is rich in vertical layers, providing a variety of habitats for birds and animals and improving their living conditions.

Up to now, Xicheng District has built 6 urban forests, with a total construction area of 7.1 hectares.

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