2018 Beijing Xidan International Fashion Festival Opens

2018 Beijing Xidan International Fashion Festival kicked off recently and will last until September 17. Themed activities will be held in the Xidan commercial area as the main venue, and the Financial Street and Beijing Fun as the branch venues, including promotion and sales activities offered by Xicheng District’s key retail stores, restaurants, time-honored brands, supermarkets and specialty stores.

The "Moments of Fashion" cultural landscape display will be launched in the Xidan commercial area, a historical records review exhibition of the Xidan commercial area and a xiangsheng performance will be held in the Xidan Commercial Culture Museum.

Activities to be held in the Financial Street include "I am the MVP" football superstar signature jersey and shoes exhibition, an art exhibition to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the establishment of the Seasons Place, etc.

At the Beijing Fun, young performers of the Jinfan Orchestra and national first-class and second-class performers from the capital’s famous orchestras will give violin, saxophone and accordion music flash performances every weekend in July. Every weekend from now until August 5, Beijing Fun will invite more than 10 young Asian artists to display oil paintings, watercolors, sculptures, handicrafts and other works of art in a fair. Moreover, 3D Picasso art installations and Picasso Museum-level replicas will also be exhibited at the Beijing Fun.

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