Online Store of Xinhua Bookstore Displays its Features at National Book Expo

The online store of Xinhua Bookstore (xhsd.com) attends the 28th National Book Expo held in Shenzhen from July 19 to 22.

The online store of Xinhua Bookstore combines smart devices and creative elements with the bookstore scene, to build a smart bookstore with new ideas and experience. At the book Expo, the store showed the achievements of the online operation, including the QR code-scanning purchase and Xinhua’s selected books. Taking the "city study" as a prototype, a smart bookstore is set up in the exhibition area, supported by high technology such as facial recognition system, RFID, DataV, cloud wifi, as well as smart devices such as smart checkout counter, self-service bookcase, to show precision marketing, smart shopping guide, membership identification and other services offered by the offline smart store. The visitors can experience the new results of the digital upgrade of Xinhua Bookstore on the site. In addition, a variety of customized products are also displayed at the book Expo. Based on the Internet and big data, the online store also provides publishing organizations and educational institutions with big data analysis services for textbook evaluation.

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