22nd Lotus Festival Opens at Beihai Park

The 22nd lotus festival opened at Beihai Park on June 27 and will last until mid-to-late August. With most of the lotus blossom at the 8000-square-meter Lotus Lake in the park, Beihai Park enters its most beautiful period. And visitors can take a boat to admire lotus flowers from a close distance.

The lotus flower is a brand of Beihai Park. The history of growing lotus plants in Beihai Park is very long. Appreciating lotus flowers in the summer has become a traditional activity of the Beihai Park. This year, there are four areas displaying the lotus culture of Beihai Park, as an imperial garden. They are lotus ponds exhibition area, lotus species exhibition area (in Xiaoxitian), fine lotus in pots and classic bowl lotus exhibition area (in the Chanfu Temple), and science publicity exhibition area (in the Jade Flower Island).

The series of activities of the lotus festival will include boat trip, lotus viewing at night, exhibition sale of nearly 100 kinds of lotus-themed cultural innovation products in the south gate, lotus-themed photography exhibition in the east bank of the park, and lotus flower-themed porcelain exhibition and interactive porcelain making activity which are co-organized by Beihai Park and Beijing Ceramic Art Museum.

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