Taiwan Folk Team Participated in "Maliandao Cup" National Tea Ceremony Competition

The final of the 2018 "Maliandao Cup" National Tea Ceremony Competition took place on June 25. More than 70 contestants of 17 teams from Beijing, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Shaanxi, Yunnan, Taiwan, etc. showed wonderful art of tea and the essence of traditional Chinese tea culture. It’s worth mentioning that the Taiwan tea ceremony show team, which participated for the first time in a folk form, competed with teams from other tea production regions from all over the country and brand tea companies on the same stage. They showed the purity, elegance and simplicity of tea with different characteristics and performances, strengthened the artistic appeal, and displayed the beauty of Chinese tea culture.

In this competition, each team demonstrated a set of tea brewing techniques in an artistic way, to show the best quality of tea in terms of color, smell, taste and shape. The competition required beautiful display process, beautiful tea, beautiful tea set, beautiful water, beautiful movements of the performer, etc. The maximum score is 100 points, including 15 points for innovation, 25 points for tea quality, 35 points for tea ceremony, 10 points for etiquette, 5 points for tea room arrangement, 5 points for presentation, and 5 points for performance time.

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