Foreign Students Experience Chinese Culture in Maliandao

On June 23, nearly 20 foreign students from Russia, Myanmar, Vietnam and other countries went to the Beijing Purple Clay Art Museum to experience Chinese culture. And the experiencing of stone tablet rubbing was of great interest to them.

The foreign students pasted a wetted piece of xuan paper closely over the stone tablet and beat it lightly all over with the cushioned end of a stick to make the rubbings. The rubbings had different patterns, some of which with words, some of which with flowers or animal. When they made one, they always showed it to others with great pleasure.

"It’s my first time to take part in such an activity. I love Chinese tea culture. I know that you should not drink the first cup of tea after brewing..." a Russian girl who has been in Beijing for only four months told the reporter with a smile. She said that a lot of cultural activities in China are interesting and she hoped to participate in more activities in the future. The girl also said that she likes Chinese jasmine tea which is very fragrant, and drinking tea is good for her health.

After two-hour learning and experiencing, the foreign students have experienced the rubbing technique with a history of over 1000 years, and have had a deeper understanding of the rubbing culture. They said this experiencing activity has deepened their understanding and love of Chinese traditional culture, and also enhanced their cultural quality.

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