2018 Beijing Children’s Reading Week Offers 100 Reading Activities until Oct.

Recently, the launching ceremony of 2018 Beijing Children’s Reading Week was held in Beijing No. 35 High School. At the launching ceremony, the relevant person in charge of Xicheng District Commission of Culture announced the plan of events of 2018 Beijing Children’s Reading Week. A pupil representative read the "Reading + Me" proposal, and guests attending the ceremony presented books to teacher and student representatives. After the launching ceremony, Zhang Peng, a promoter of youth reading, brought a wonderful lecture on "Listen to the Voice from Museum: Time Note by Brother Peng" and interacted with the students.

Beijing Children’s Reading Week is a reading promotion program specially designed for Xicheng District’s children. It is held from the last week of May to the end of October of each year. With the theme of "Happy Reading in Childhood", 2018 Beijing Children’s Reading Week will focus on reading, and joint hands with China Children’s Book Expo to hold good book display and recommendation activity, good book selection activity, expert sharing and training activity, DIY reading class and a series of in-depth reading activities, providing rich reading resources for children.

Xicheng District No. 1 Library, Xicheng District No. 2 Library, and Xicheng District Youth and Children’s Library will also organize a series of reading activities in science, history, geography and culture. Reading spaces and bookstores in Xicheng District will hold parent-child activities and children reading activities.

Beijing Children’s Reading Week has been successfully held in Xicheng District for four years. It has laid a brand foundation with its unique form of activities and reading concept and it’s favored by a large number of children and parents. This year’s event includes nearly a hundred interesting reading activities and will last until October, attracting children to enjoy the fun of reading and get to love reading.

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