Tianqiao Museum, Cultural Brand of Tianqiao Area, to Hold Distinctive Cultural Events

Tianqiao Museum is expected to be a high-quality cultural brand in the Tianqiao area and will promote international communication of history and culture of the Tianqiao area, the reporter recently learned from Tianqiao Museum. This year, Tianqiao Museum will make full use of its functional space to launch collections collection activity, experiencing activity and visit, reading activity, and many other special events, to carry forward traditional Beijing culture, intangible cultural heritage culture, folk culture, and Tianqiao culture.

Tianqiao Museum has reached an agreement with Tianqiao Sub-district of Xicheng District, planning to build the book area of the museum into a library of the sub-district. It plans to collect more than 30000 volumes of books, mainly covering youth, social science, traditional Beijing culture, and Tianqiao’s folk customs. The book area of Tianqiao Museum will become the preferred reading space for residents in the Tianqiao area and become a characteristic and quality library of the sub-district. In addition, the training classroom of the museum will be used to provide training for teenagers, and the museum will also cooperate with high-quality educational institutions to offer training services for the entire Tianqiao Performing Arts Area.

This year, Tianqiao Museum will highlight four kinds of cultural events, including cultural lecture, intangible cultural heritage event, cultural performance, and Lao She reading club. The cultural lecture will regularly invite renowned folk custom experts and history experts to tell historical stories, anecdotes, and fun stories about the old Beijing, the old Tianqiao, and the central axis of the capital. A series of lectures will invite community residents to participate in.

Tianqiao Museum will join hands with Xicheng District Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center to invite inheritors of intangible cultural heritage to join the intangible cultural heritage workshop in the House of Designers. Residents, students and other groups will be invited to take part in intangible cultural heritage activities. Moreover, the intangible cultural heritage fashion contest will be held, cultural innovative products of which will be prepared for the 2019 Changdian Temple Fair.

Famous troupes such as shadow play troupe and Peking Opera troupe will be regularly invited to give performances in the museum, enriching the daily life of residents.

The museum will also cooperate with Tianqiao Sub-district and Xicheng District Commission of Culture to set up Lao She reading club, in which seminar, essay contest, recitation contest, classic works exhibition, knowledge contest, etc. will be held. The club is expected to be built into a brand event.

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