Beijing Tianqiao Museum Opens

The Tianqiao area has its own museum now. On May 18, Beijing Tianqiao Museum opened in the underground exhibition space of Tianqiao Citizen Square which is located at the intersection of Beiwei Road and Tianqiao South Street. This is the only Beijing Tianqiao-themed museum in China, fully displaying the long history, landscape and development of the Tianqiao area.

Beijing Tianqiao Museum covers an area of nearly 3000 square meters, one of the key construction projects in the Tianqiao Performing Arts Area. In the early stage of construction, the Xicheng District government made a study and decided to build it as a folklore museum as well as a cultural innovation space. The exhibition area of the museum is divided into five parts: the prefectural hall, the Bridge of Ancient Emperors part, the Bridge of Culture part, the Bridge of Beijing Citizens part, and the Bridge of Rejuvenation part. Public cultural lectures, design and research and development of cultural innovation products, Tianqiao artists’ skill performances, interactive experiencing of intangible cultural heritage, book reading and cultural training will be organized in the museum.

The cultural innovation space of Tianqiao Museum covers history, intangible cultural heritage, arts, aesthetics, folk custom and other fields. In the public reading space, parent-children reading activity, traditional Chinese culture training course, interactive culture experiencing activity of intangible cultural heritage, cultural exchanges between Xicheng District and sister cities, the market of the Changdian Temple Fair, and cultural innovation products of intangible cultural heritage design competition will be held, to enrich the cultural life of Beijing citizens and carry forward Tianqiao’s traditional culture.

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