Disney Volunteers Build Nest Support for Swallows in Shichahai

Recently, the Houhai Community and the Yaer Hutong Primary School jointly held the "Hello Swallow" science popularization volunteer activity. It’s worth mentioning that foreign volunteers from the Disney Volunteers Center were also invited to participate in, learning how to build nest support for the swallow.

The Houhai Community is located along the Shichahai Lake, not only a tourist attraction for tourists around the world, but also a place where swallows stop by when they migrate each year. Since 2017, the community has joined hands with Gen Ya Volunteer Center, Disney Volunteer Center, Yaer Hutong Primary School and China Bird Watch to hold the “Hello Swallow” science popularization volunteer activity. This activity is popular with young people and residents in the community. They have not only learned knowledge of the swallow’s migration and living habits, but also actively taken part in the activities for protecting swallows.

"This activity is not only for protecting swallows, but also for calling on people to protect the ecological environment around us." Xin Jungao, the Party Secretary of the Houhai Community, said.

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