6 Theme Events to be Held in 17th Shichahai Cultural Tourism Festival

Co-hosted by Xicheng District Commission of Tourism Development and Xicheng District Tourism Industry Association, the 17th Shichahai Cultural Tourism Festival was launched with an opening ceremony on April 20. The festival features "Red tourism" promotion month, Xicheng District tourist photography tour exhibition, students’ visit to museums, international travel agents’ experiencing visit to Xicheng District, tourism resources promotion, tour guides’ voluntary service week, public welfare travel, and many other wonderful events.

At the opening ceremony, major theme events of the festival have been launched. And hutong tour guide team’s exhibition show, the certificate presenting ceremony of winning works of Xicheng District tourist photo collection event, the establishment ceremony of Xicheng District Scenic Areas Alliance and Tianqiao tourist products promotion activity were also held at the opening ceremony. 24 Xicheng District’s sister cities and assist areas displayed their tourism resources. Wonderful local show by Harqin Banner, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia was especially popular with guests at the opening ceremony.

As one of the cultural events of the festival, this year’s Shichahai oar-propelled boat tour started. Foreign guests and representatives from Xicheng District’s sister cities watched the opening ceremony of the Grand Canal culture-themed pleasure boats.

With the theme of "Enjoying Ancient Capital’s Style and Experiencing Beijing’s Traditional Culture", this year’s Shichahai Cultural Tourism Festival includes "1+6" events, namely an opening ceremony and six theme events. It will run throughout the end of July, lasting nearly 4 months.

During the cultural tourism festival, Xicheng District will invite experts on city planning, protection of old city and tourism management to have a discussion about old city’s distinctive cultural tourism on the topic of "Focus on the Development of Urban Homestay and Dialogue on the Construction of Beijing Family Homestay".

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