Xuannan Club Stages Performances in Traditional Chinese Art Forms

Recently, the first performance of Xicheng District No.2 Culture Center’s Xuannan Club was held at the Small Theater of Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center. The show had a total of 8 programs given by more than 50 performers, showing a variety of traditional Chinese culture and art forms.

The programs included traditional drum music Chinese Dragon, Kunqun Opera piece The Peony Pavilion – A Walk in the Garden, Peking Opera piece Yang Silang Visits His Mother, Dan Xian show Beijing Snacks, Xiangsheng show, Pingshu show, Huangmei Opera piece, and Hebei Bangzi piece, showing the audience local features and the charm of these art forms.

The Xuannan Club is set up to enrich the life of local residents and attract them to get interested in traditional Chinese culture. It will not only stage performances of Peking Opera, Pingju Opera, Quyi, Xiangsheng and other art forms, also hold lectures on the knowledge of Chinese operas and organize experiencing activities.

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