Honglou Cinema Rebuilt into China’s First Public Library

After more than four years of innovative planning and transformation, the over-70-year-old Honglou (literally means "Red Building") Cinema started to collect books on April 23, the World Reading Day, since it has been rebuilt into China’s first Internet Plus new public cultural service place—the Honglou Public Library. It’s open to the public for a visit by appointment from now on, and will soon start a trial operation.

The Honglou Public Library covers an area of 1500 square meters and can accommodate 100000 volumes. Some books have been placed on the three-story bookshelf. The library is a private collection library, a public library, and a physical bookstore all in one. With the core concept of "collecting, reading, and sharing", it has three functional areas: the collections of books, reading for leisure, and research. The collections of books are in the library’s trust, donated or shared by individuals and institutions. The first batch of individuals includes Mr. Yang Hongxun, Mr. Hu Xiaowei and Ms. Yu Hongtao, and institutions include China Archives of Publications, the People’s Publishing House, the Writers Publishing House, Beijing Publishing Group, Beijing United Publishing Co., Ltd. and Zhengyang Bookstore.

If the operation mode of the Honglou Public Library is approved by the society, Xicheng District will promote this mode to build more such public libraries, according to the relevant person in charge of Xicheng District Commission of Culture.

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