Silk Road Civilization Artworks on View at Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center

The Folk Collection Exhibition of Silk Road Civilization Artworks is open to the public at the Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center. The exhibits are provided by Beijing Tempo Art Museum, offering a good opportunity for the public to learn about the history of Silk Road civilization and appreciate Silk Road artworks.

The exhibition is a non-profit one, so visitors can get the ticket for free. It will continue until April 8.

A total of 175 sets of 285 exhibits are exhibited in the exhibition, covering a wide range of materials, including gold, silver, wood, porcelain, jade, and colored glaze, and involving many fields such as society, economy, art, life, and religion. There are objects with ancient cultural symbols (Ancient China, Ancient Egypt, Ancient India, Ancient Persia, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome), and artifacts representing integration of cultures along the ancient Silk Road; there are painted pottery of the New Stone Age, and porcelain masterpieces of the Tang Dynasty, the Song Dynasty, the Yuan Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty and the contemporary era; there are ancient Indian Gandhara stone sculptures, and many Buddhist scriptures; and there are gold objects of the ancient West Asia, and gold and silver wares of the Tang Dynasty.

In addition to historical remains, there are also outstanding works by contemporary artists ranging from Picasso to Cui Zimo, Jiang Shanqing and Ye Jianxin.

The exhibition occupies 3 public spaces of the Tianqiao Performing Arts Center, covering a total area of nearly 2000 square meters.

As a major cultural project of Xicheng District and a new cultural landmark of Beijing, the Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center will continue to hold cultural events on innovative themes in 2018. Spaces of the center will be fully used for lectures, exhibitions, fairs and workshops, to encourage every citizen to become regular visitor and enjoy the arts.

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