2018 Xicheng District Residents’ Drama Exhibition Show Starts

2018 Xicheng District Residents’ Drama Exhibition Show, sponsored by Xicheng District Commission of Culture, kicked off at Xinhua 1949 on March 27. The organizer will launch 27 dramas, 50 performances, and 58 lectures on drama and Chinese opera.

Xicheng District Residents’ Drama Exhibition Show has been held for five consecutive years. 14 outstanding dramas including original dramas, intangible cultural heritage dramas, series, and Yue operas have been launched, nearly 200 performances and lectures have been held, and more than 100000 people participated in the event. The event has integrated cultural resources in Xicheng District, attracting Huang Ying Studio, Beijing Jixian Hongyi Cultural Center, the Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University, Beijing Yucai School, Beijing Guixiang Culture and Arts Development Co., Ltd, the World Heritage Education Center for Youth, Beijing Fushouli Culture Communication Co., Ltd and other groups and organizations that love drama and actively participate in.

This year’s Residents’ Drama Exhibition Show has two new parts "Five-year Classics Review" and "Drama Popularization Education", in addition to previous parts. The "Five-year Classics Review" part is the review performance of excellent dramas which have been staged in the previous years. The "Drama Popularization Education" part is divided into three parts: "Drama Lecture", "Drama Experiencing", and "Drama Training Camp". A total of 36 lectures will be held from March to June.

In addition to performances, this year, Xicheng District will continue to stage dramas in campus. 14 schools, which are members of Xicheng District Drama and Chinese Opera League, will stage 10 student drama performances.

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