Xicheng District’s Folk Artists Participated in Foreign Exchange Events

Xicheng District Folklore Association recently organized a series of foreign exchange events to show the unique charm of Chinese culture and promote outstanding traditional culture.

With the support of Xicheng District Federation of Literature and Art Circles, some artists from Xicheng District Folklore Association participated in the Grand Parade, which is the main part of the Chinese New Year celebration in San Francisco, USA. Artists designed and made a float with traditional Chinese folk cultural characteristics. The float featured traditional Chinese cultural symbols such as auspicious beast and auspicious clouds, as well as a 4-meter-high palace lantern decorated with folk craft elements such as Peking Opera facial make-up, dough figurines and paper-cuts, together with Chinese intangible cultural heritage elements. Artists also went to schools, communities and museums in San Francisco to give nearly 15 performances, lessons and interactive activities, showing Xicheng District’s scenic spots and intangible cultural heritages.

During the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, Zhang Baolin, director of Xicheng District Federation of Literature and Art Circles and standing vice chairman of Xicheng District Folklore Association, demonstrated folk arts and crafts item dough figurines at the China House. Ice sports-themed dough figurines were extremely lifelike, and the "Ice Show on Taiye Lake" work presented the earliest ice sport in China. In addition, dough figurines with traditional Chinese cultural characteristics, such as Confucius, Qu Yuan and the God of Longevity, were also exhibited at the China House and collected by the Organizing Committee of the Winter Olympic Games.

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