Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition Featuring Famous Chinese Poems and Classics on View

In order to offer a chance for children and young people to learn traditional virtues and Chinese etiquette, and to create beautiful Xicheng District with Beijing spirit, Beijing culture and traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy art, Beijing Shengshi Hancheng Painting and Calligraphy Academy recently held "Remain True to Original Aspiration, Build a Beautiful Xicheng District" painting and calligraphy exhibition at the Museum of Temple of Emperors of Successive Dynasties in China, attracting hundreds of people to visit. The exhibition will continue until March 26.

The exhibition displays more than 120 outstanding works of calligraphy and painting. With the theme of "famous Chinese poems and classics", these works show interesting new approach and diverse in form, copied and created by young children, children, teenagers and adults, to show what they’ve learned at the painting and calligraphy academy.

Relevant person in charge of Shengshi Hancheng Painting and Calligraphy Academy says that the exhibition is a good learning and exchange platform for painting and calligraphy lovers and students. In addition, there is also a wall for displaying small pieces of paintings in the exhibition, which is actually a "big show", because they are created by students who have studied in the academy for a long time.

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