24-Hour Reading Space: Beijing Fun Branch of Page One

Page One bookstore boasts the best location among bookstores in Beijing.

Beijing Fun branch of Page One is a 24-hour cultural space jointly built by Page One bookstore and Yongxing Real Estate owned by Guang’an Holding, and supported by Xicheng District government. Located in the southwest corner of Zhengyang Gate watchtower and adjacent to the Zero Point of Highways, China, the nearly 3000-square-meter bookstore has a unique geographical location.

This Page One bookstore has selected nearly 25000 kinds of foreign language books, and nearly 35000 kinds of Chinese books and cultural innovation products, which are displayed in different areas according to different themes. On the third floor of the bookstore, there are a Page One cafe and a vinyl record area.

Since the 24-hour bookstore opened more than two months ago, Beijing Fun branch of Page One has presented readers two different styles of the bookstore during the day and night. There are not only writer salon, book-sharing club and other daytime activities, but also 24-hour Star Wars-themed LEGO building relay, late night concert and other night activities. Next, there will also be VR experiencing, live program and other activities.

The first distinctive reading space in Xicheng District is Beijing Zhuandu reading space set up in April 2014. Since then, Xicheng District has done a lot of work and tries in making use of regional resources to build distinctive reading spaces. In Xicheng District, there are the 24-hour bookstore run by Cathay Bookshop at the Yanchi Tower, the Baiyun reading station, the book bar at the Star Theatre, the shadow play culture hotel near the Shichahai Lake, Jia Gu Wen Reading Space, Model Bookstore, and Page One. 2 district-level public libraries, 1 youth and children library, 23 sub-district level libraries and 25 distinctive reading spaces are located in Xicheng District.

Now, reading is a habit of Xicheng!

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