Xicheng District Held Temple Fairs Featuring Traditional Culture to Celebrate Chinese New Year

Visiting temple fairs is one of the must-do things during the Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival. This year, temple fairs held in Xicheng District are all enriched with traditional Chinese culture, and a series of cultural events integrating traditional and fashion elements are very popular with citizens and tourists.

Changdian Temple Fair

Changdian Temple Fair is crowded with people.

Cathay Bookshop in Liulichang West Street

Calligrapher writes the word "Luck" and gives to people on site.

Daiyuexuan Ink Brush Store

Fu’s Zhongfan (flagpole juggling) performance was staged at the Tianqiao Performing Arts Center.

Children show special favor to Tu"er Ye (Lord Rabbit).

Traditional Beijing-style toys attract children.
Grand View Garden Temple Fair

The "Imperial Concubine Jia Yuanchun’s Visit to Her Family" performance procession attracts a lot of tourists.

"Grandmother Jia" wishes tourists a happy Chinese New Year.

The audience takes photos of the performance in the Grand View Garden.
Beijing Fun’s Spring Festival Cultural Fair

Red lanterns hanging at Beijing Fun

Visitors can experience Chinese knot tying at Beijing Fun’s Spring Festival Cultural Fair.

A boy plays a game with his mother.

People write down their New Year wishes on card.

Calligrapher writes the word "Luck" and gives to visitors.

Winter Olympics-theme exhibition is held at Beijing Fun.

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