Over 240 Spring Festival Cultural Events to be Held in Xicheng District

Changdian Temple Fair comes home. During this year’s Spring Festival, Changdian Temple Fair, Grand View Garden Temple Fair, Beijing Fun’s Spring Festival Cultural Fair and many other cultural events will be held, the reporter learned from a press conference held by Xicheng District government on February 5. Changdian Temple Fair will come back to the cultural market in Liulichang, open to the public for free from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day from the first day to the fifth day of the first lunar month.

At the Changdian Temple Fair, more than 50 time-honored brands in the Liulichang area including Yidege, Cathay Bookshop, Daiyuexuan and Rongbaozhai will hold over 100 experiencing activities, such as calligraphy experiencing activity, Spring Festival couplets experiencing activity, watercolor block printing experiencing activity, antique appreciation activity, painting and calligraphy masters’ works exhibition, and Changdian Temple Fair and Spring Festival paintings exhibition. As a traditional cultural market, Changdian Temple Fair features exhibition on calligraphy, painting, Chinese ancient books, and the "Four Treasures of Study".

At that time, Fire God Temple, as an important part of Changdian Temple Fair, will also be open to the public, where visitors can see works of intangible cultural heritage fashion contest and visit ancient tea exhibition.

This year, the organizer of Changdian Temple Fair will set up sub-venues at the Tianqiao Performing Arts Center and the Tianqiao Citizens Square, presenting various art performances. And time-honored brands will sell special purchases for Spring Festival.

At the Tianqiao Citizens Square, Tianqiao folk performances, acrobatics and tricks will be re-staged. At the Tianqiao Performing Arts Center, an exhibition on plaques of time-honored brands will be held; sugar with medicinal herbs, Qian’s Spring Festival cake and goods from more than 20 time-honored brands will be sold; traditional culture and fashion performances, cultural innovation market and 24 solar terms-themed exhibition will also be held to celebrate the Spring Festival.

In addition to Changdian Temple Fair, Grand View Garden Temple Fair, Beijing Fun’s Spring Festival Cultural Fair and other cultural events have their own unique features. During the Spring Festival, Xicheng District will hold more than 240 Spring Festival cultural events in public cultural places such as cultural centers, libraries, children’s library and sub-districts’ community cultural activity stations. Crosstalk performances, concerts, plays and other wonderful performances will also be staged in Xicheng District during the Spring Festival.

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