Hutong Temple Fair Opened at No. 93 Courtyard Museum in Dashilan to Welcome Spring Festival

On February 1, the 4th hutong temple fair opened at the No. 93 Courtyard Museum in Dashilan to welcome the Spring Festival. From Feb. 1 to Feb. 8, a variety of events were held to attract people to participate in.

At the opening ceremony of the temple fair, acrobatic show and Peking Opera performance were staged, winning applause from the visitors. A series of traditional cultural activities were held at the temple fair, including Spring Festival couplets writing, paper-cutting for window decoration, snacks tasting, string game “cat’s cradle”, demonstration of Neiliansheng’s techniques of making cloth shoes with thick soles, and display of intangible cultural heritage works from Zibo, Shandong. Guests from time-honored brands in Dashilan including Zhangyiyuan Teahouse, Ruifuxiang Silk Shop, Neiliansheng Shoe Shop, Jiguge Antique Artwork Center, Cuiwenge Calligraphy, Painting and Seal Store, Yuanshenghao Erguotou Museum also attended the opening ceremony.

The hutong temple fair at the No. 93 Courtyard Museum has been held for three years, featuring Beijing’s traditional temple fair culture and folk customs. This year’s temple fair not only traditionally features intangible cultural heritage experiencing, also includes visits of time-honored brands. In addition, there were Beijing snacks tasting, traditional amusements, quoits, Spring Festival couplets writing and other colorful activities at the hutong temple fair.

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