Xicheng District No.1 Library Held "Protect the Kidney of the Earth" Promotion Campaign

February 2 is the 22nd World Wetlands Day, with the theme of "Wetlands for a Sustainable Urban Future". In order to promote the protection of wetlands, and maintain the ecological balance and the sustainable development of urban areas, Xicheng District No.1 Library’s China-Sweden Information Center for Sustainable Development held a "Protect the Kidney of the Earth" promotion campaign from January 31 to February 7. Books, videos and pictures about the protection of wetlands were offered to readers.

The wetland, known as "the kidney of the earth", is a distinctive ecosystem formed by the interaction of water and land. It’s a land area that is saturated with water, either permanently or seasonally, where aquatic plants and animals grow or dwell. It is the most biodiverse ecological landscape in nature and one of the most important living conditions of mankind. Wetlands play a number of roles in the environment, including groundwater regulation, flood control, water purification, and regulation of regional microclimate. Wetlands are also important habitats for aquatic animals, amphibians, birds and other wildlife.

Xicheng District No.1 Library’s China-Sweden Information Center for Sustainable Development is a collaborative project with the Swedish LIFE International Ecological Foundation, providing readers with services in the field of ecological environment protection and sustainable development. As Xicheng District’s education base of popular science and Beijing’s education base of environmental protection, Xicheng District No.1 Library will hold lectures, popular science activities and related exhibitions in 2018. The themes of the events will cover the protection of water resources, air pollution, biodiversity, waste classification, radiation and health, energy saving and emissions reduction, waste recycling and other aspects.

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