"Chasing the Unseen" Calligraphy Exhibition on View at British House in Beijing

"Chasing the Unseen" calligraphy exhibition by Zhao Yizhou, a Chinese calligrapher living in London, started at the British House in Beijing recently, which will open to the public until March 2.

27 pieces of calligraphic works are exhibited with the theme of "Chasing the Unseen", the reporter saw at the exhibition. Zhao Yizhou adds many elements such as background, color and even painting to the calligraphic works.

Zhao Yizhou was born in Luan, east China’s Anhui Province, and moved to London in 1997. He coached Chinese calligraphy and culture at the SOAS University of London (the School of Oriental and African Studies) from 1998 to 2016. He is currently the chairman of Chinese Calligraphy Association of Europe and the honorary chairman of the London Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Lines. His calligraphic works are collected by the British Museum, the British Library and the Royal Collection, as well as European and American celebrities including the Queen of the United Kingdom Elizabeth II and British Prince Charles. He is called as "the most prominent contemporary Chinese calligrapher in Great Britain" by the British Museum, and "the leader of contemporary Chinese calligraphy in UK" by The Times.

Talking about his purpose of calligraphy creation, Zhao Yizhou said that he hoped the calligraphy art could not only show basic writing elements of traditional Chinese calligraphy, but also become an international art symbol that can be shared by mankind like painting, music and dance. He also hoped that experts, ordinary people and foreigners can appreciate the beauty of calligraphy and feel the contemporary spirit and humane care of the calligraphers.

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