Xicheng District Stages Peking Opera Evening to Welcome Spring Festival

On January 27, a Peking Opera evening was staged to welcome the approaching Spring Festival in the theatre of Xicheng District Culture Center.

The evening was hosted by famous hosts Zhao Baole, Ju Ping, Kong Jie and Zhou Yu. A number of famous Peking Opera artists including Hu Wenge, Geng Qiaoyun, Zhang Jianfeng and Jiang Yishan brought Imperial Concubine of the Tang Dynasty, The Red Lantern, Zhulian Village and other famous Peking Opera episodes. Famous singer Wei Jindong and Huangmei Opera artist Wu Qiong gave wonderful performances as well. Some winners of the “Chunshu Cup” Beijing Community Amateur Peking Opera Performer Contest performed some episodes of Peking Opera Mu Guiying Takes Command.

And a new Peking Opera-style song was also launched, to show Xicheng District government’s determination to build a harmonious and livable Xicheng District for citizens.

The evening was jointly organized by the Publicity Department of Beijing Xicheng District Committee of the CPC, Xicheng District Commission of Culture, Xicheng District Federation of Literature and Art Circles, China Broadcasting Performing Arts Troupe, and the TV and Opera Committee of China Television Artists Association, to welcome the approaching Spring Festival. The show was recorded live by Beijing Television Station and will be broadcast for Beijing citizens during the Spring Festival.

Sponsored by Xicheng District People’s Government of Beijing Municipality

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