Xicheng District Features Financial Security at FINEXPO 2017

January 25 to 28, Beijing International Finance Expo 2017 (FINEXPO) was held in Beijing Exhibition Center.

With the theme of "Resist Temptation of High-Interest Fund-Raising, Make Rational Choice in Investment Channels", the exhibition area of Xicheng District was divided into "development achievements of Beijing Financial Street in the past five years", "financial security" and "precautions against illegal fund-raising" three parts. Xicheng District displayed Beijing Financial Street’s achievements and efforts Xicheng District has made to guard against financial risks and crack down on illegal fund-raising in various forms. Knowledge of investment and wealth management, including major fields, related policies and regulations and typical cases, was showed on display boards. And there was also interactive machine for visitors to learn financial knowledge.

In 2017, Xicheng District has achieved remarkable results in combating and cracking down on illegal fund-raising activities. The government conducted special rectification actions against illegal fund-raising and internet financial risks, held the "promotion month of combating illegal fund-raising activities" event, rectified illegal cooperation between Internet platforms and various trading venues, cleaned illegal fund-raising advertisements up, and combated ICO risks, resulting in sharp drop in the number of illegal fund-raising cases, the number of criminal suspects, the number of investors involved in illegal fund-raising activities and the amount of funds involved. During the whole year, there were no huge financial risk events, no large-scale mass incidents, and no major risks found in the field of internet finance.

Lu Wuxing, director of Xicheng District Financial Services Office, said, "This exhibition created a good atmosphere of combating and cracking down on illegal fund-raising activities, thus to decrease illegal fund-raising cases from the source and protect citizens’ interests."

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