New Friend Baikal Teal Appears in Beihai Park

January 16, many visitors stop to watch ducks on the unfrozen lake near the north gate of Beihai Park. There are mandarin duck (national Class II protected species), mallard, merganser and Baikal teal. The Baikal teal is extremely rare to see, so there are only one male and one female in the park. According to the relevant person in charge of Xicheng District Bureau of Forestry and Parks, the Baikal teal is a rare traveler bird in North China. With the improvement of ecological environment in Beijing and the increase of city greening rate and afforestation coverage in recent years, as well as the public awareness of protecting wildlife, Baikal teals began to choose the park in the center of the city with beautiful environment, clear water and no danger of being hurt to settle down, so they become the rare bird visitors really love to watch.

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