Experience Exchange Conference on Distinctive Reading Space Held in Xicheng District

On January 5, an experience exchange conference on distinctive reading space was held in Xicheng District, hosted by the Publicity Department of Beijing Municipal Committee of the CPC, Xicheng District Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, Beijing Xicheng District Committee of the CPC and Xicheng District People’s Government of Beijing Municipality.

At Page One book shop, located in Beijing Fun, Xicheng District, representatives from some of the distinctive reading spaces in Xicheng District shared their own experience in transformational development of reading space. The attendees of the conference visited Model Bookstore, Jia Gu Wen Reading Space and the reading space of Zhengyang Bookstore, all of which are located in Xicheng District. And the "Most Beijing" physical bookstores of 2017 were awarded honor plaques.

Xicheng District government plays positive role in building distinctive reading spaces. As the first reading space in Xicheng District, Beijing Zhuandu reading space of Zhengyang Bookstore was set up in April 2014, mainly featuring literature and books on the history and traditional culture of Beijing. It’s praised by readers as a "bookstore in old times", a store of spiritual luxury goods, and was selected as one of the most beautiful reading spaces in Beijing. Xicheng District has done a lot of work and tries in making use of regional resources to build distinctive reading spaces. Xicheng District has Beijing Zhuandu reading space at the foot of Wan Song Monk Pagoda featuring traditional Beijing culture, the 24-hour bookstore run by Cathay Bookshop at the Yanchi Tower in the south of the Di’anmen intersection, the Baiyun reading station featuring book exchange, the art and Chinese opera-themed book bar at the Star Theatre, and the shadow play culture hotel near the Shichahai Lake featuring literature on traditional Beijing culture and intangible cultural heritage. And there are 2 district-level public libraries, 1 youth and children library, 23 sub-district level libraries and 25 distinctive reading spaces in Xicheng District. Xicheng District keeps fostering transformational development of distinctive reading spaces and has developed a Xicheng-style mode of social operation of the reading space.

Sponsored by Xicheng District People’s Government of Beijing Municipality

Undertaken by Press Center of Xicheng District

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