2018 Xicheng District New Year’s Concert Staged at Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center

2018 Xicheng District New Year’s Concert was staged at the Tianqiao Performing Arts Center on December 31, 2017, co-hosted by Xicheng District Commission of Culture, Taiwan Affairs Office of Xicheng District People’s Government and Beijing Tianqiao Zenith Investment Group Co., Ltd, and undertaken by Xicheng District No.1 Culture Center and Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center Management Co., Ltd. Nearly 1000 people including residents from all walks of life in Xicheng District, Taiwan compatriots and relatives, and music lovers watched the performance on the spot. And nearly 600000 people watched the live show online. They welcomed the New Year by enjoying wonderful music.

The New Year’s Concert started in the Central Conservatory of Music with the Prelude of Celebration by a folk orchestra consisting of Taiwan students. And then, Gufeng Percussion Orchestra and Extraordinary Silk Road Music Ensemble presented wonderful performances. The former often gives performances on both domestic and international stages and was selected as the outstanding representative group of international cultural exchange by the Ministry of Culture of PRC, and the latter is the first world music ensemble on the theme of "New Silk Road culture" in China.

Founded in 2015, the Extraordinary Silk Road Music Ensemble is comprised of Chinese national musical instruments players from national-level orchestras and world national musical instruments players of great charm. The ensemble makes efforts to develop the New Silk Road culture, and actively participates in music and arts exchanges and public diplomacy activities between countries and cities along the Belt and Road. It has built a "music mission" along the New Silk Road.

Gufeng Percussion Orchestra was established in 2004, whose members are top percussion performers from well-known orchestras and college experts. They have certain professional attainments in their respective fields. Based on the idea of "Passing Tradition Down and Keep Innovating", the orchestra tried its best to develop the drum music art which exists in China for thousands of years, to promote the colorful percussion art in the world, and to promote the development and integration of percussion art both at home and abroad.

The New Year is a common holiday for people all over the world. The ways people celebrate the New Year are different, but almost every place will stage a high-quality concert. This wonderful New Year’s Concert held in Xicheng District will open a bright future for everyone in 2018.

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