Winter Olympics-Themed Exhibition Held in Xicheng District No.1 Library

Two years have passed since Beijing, with co-host Zhangjiakou in neighboring Hebei Province, won the bid for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. Recently, Xicheng District No.1 Library held the launch ceremony of the Winter Olympic sports culture theme event.

The launch ceremony is also the opening ceremony of the exhibition on the theme of 2022 Winter Olympic Games. The exhibition includes knowledge of traditional Chinese winter culture, knowledge of the Winter Olympic Games, winter sports and Chinese folk culture and art four parts. History, development and change of rules of winter sports as well as the development of winter sports in China are displayed on display boards, to further popularize knowledge of the Winter Olympic Games.

The Winter Olympic sports culture theme event will also include Xicheng District’s cooperation with Beijing Olympic City Development Association and Beijing BPA Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd, Winter Olympics-themed lectures by experts and scholars, and screening of sports documentary.

Sponsored by Xicheng District People’s Government of Beijing Municipality

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