Beijing Acrobatic Troupe Celebrates Its 60th Birthday

November 15 to 16, the series of events in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Beijing Acrobatic Troupe’s establishment kick off at the Medium Theater of Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center and the Beijing Tianqiao Art Building. Hosted by Beijing Acrobatic Troupe, and co-supported by the Publicity Department of Beijing Xicheng District Committee of the Communist Party of China, Xicheng District Commission of Culture, the Construction Headquarters of Tianqiao Performing Arts Area, Beijing Acrobats Association, Beijing Tianqiao Shengshi Investment Group and Beijing Jingdu Cultural Investment Management Company, the series of events includes an acrobatics-themed evening gala, acrobatics performances, exhibition and forum on the theme of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Beijing Acrobatic Troupe, to fully showing the development and artistic achievements of Beijing Acrobatic Troupe.

Acrobatics is a flower of art growing in China over thousands of years, renowned worldwide for its exquisite skills and unique charm. As the birthplace of Chinese acrobatics, Tianqiao’s acrobatic art is famous for its difficulty, novelty, uniqueness and beauty. Beijing Acrobatic Troupe, born in Tianqiao with its distinctive Beijing flavor, features a variety of skills.

The exhibition was held at the Medium Theater of Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center on November 15 to 17. A large number of precious photos and pictures comprehensively displayed the 60-year development of Beijing Acrobatic Troupe. Moreover, permanent exhibition is on view in the Honors Room of Beijing Acrobatic Troupe and the Beijing Acrobatics Theater all year round.

On November 15, a forum to celebrate the 60th birthday of Beijing Acrobatic Troupe was held at the Beijing Tianqiao Art Building. Officials, experts and artists had a discussion about the inheriting and innovative development of the acrobatics art, based on the current situation, experience and problems of Chinese acrobatics.

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