Xicheng District Intangible Cultural Heritage Group Attended 2017 China Festival in Japan

The 2017 China Festival was held in Tokyo from Oct. 21 to 22 to mark the 45th anniversary of the normalization of China-Japan diplomatic relations, hosted by the Chinese embassy in Japan and cosponsored by a number of groups and institutions from both China and Japan. On behalf of Beijing, an intangible cultural heritage group of 13 people from Xicheng District participated in the event to promote the spread of traditional Chinese culture and the cultural exchange between China and Japan.

The intangible cultural heritage group staged Kunqu Opera A Walk in the Garden, an excerpt of The Peony Pavilion, close-up magic show, oral stunts, Avatar dubbing, acrobatics show, face-changing show and other traditional cultural performances with Chinese characteristics, attracting a lot of Japanese people to watch.

In addition to of the performance on the main stage, several exhibition stands were also set up to display snacks, paper-cuts and other intangible cultural heritage items, attracting a large number of visitors. Artists of traditional Chinese culture interacted with Japanese visitors, and Japanese visitors experienced traditional Chinese paper-cutting and Peking Opera facial mask painting. Inheritors of intangible cultural heritage also received widespread media coverage both in China and Japan. A reporter from the Xinhua News Agency conducted an interview with the inheritor of paper-cutting Liu Xiaodi.

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