Amateur Peking Opera Performers Perform in 15th “Chunshu Cup” Contest

On November 12, the award ceremony cum the exhibition performance of the 15th "Chunshu Cup" Beijing Community Amateur Peking Opera Performer Contest was held in Beijing First Experiment Primary School. Nearly 100 amateur performers from Beijing’s Peking Opera houses and over 300 Peking Opera lovers attended the event.

This year marks the 15th year of the "Chunshu Cup". Over the years, Chunshu Sub-district keeps encouraging amateur Peking Opera performers and promoting the development of Peking Opera. This year’s exhibition performance features over 10 classic episodes in one stage show, expressing an old amateur Peking Opera performer’s love for Peking Opera and the "Chunshu Cup", who is a native of the Chunshu area. The refreshing form of performance is highly appraised by the audience.

As a review and summary of the previous contests, this year’s event also includes two awards, "Top Ten Amateur Performers" and "Top Ten Peking Opera Houses", as the encouragement to amateur performers and Peking Opera houses participating in the "Chunshu Cup" for many years. Among the winners of the "Top Ten Amateur Performers", there are a few young performers born in 1990s or even 2000s. They are the hope of inheriting Peking Opera and the future of Chinese opera.

As an event organized especially for Peking Opera lovers and amateur performers, the "Chunshu Cup", well-known for active participation and much social attention, has long been the "planter" of Peking Opera and the promoter of Peking Opera culture. In 2006, the "Chunshu Cup" was awarded the "Demonstration of Public Cultural Activity" by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture; in 2008, Chunshu Sub-district was named the "Hometown of Peking Opera" by the Ministry of Culture of the PRC; in 2010, the "Chunshu Cup" was an important part of the celebration of Peking Opera’s being included in the "Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity" by UNESCO.

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