Residents Enjoy Convenient Services in Community

Recently, Xicheng District Community Services Center worked with Financial Street Sub-district Community Services Center to hold a "Love in Xicheng District" convenient services event at the square of the Seasons Place.

At the event, residents not only enjoyed services including gold jewelry cleaning, pedicure, blood pressure testing, blood sugar testing, intraocular pressure testing, tourist information service, postal services and fresh vegetables selling, but also experienced the charm of Chinese intangible cultural heritage. From May 18 until the end of November, the "Love in Xicheng District" series of convenient services events has been being held in Xicheng District’s 15 sub-districts. In addition, all sub-districts’ community services centers will provide community services for local residents, taking their needs into consideration.

In the future, Xicheng District Community Services Center will strengthen the management and leading role in community services, encourage social resources to provide community services, diversify community services, make full use of service resources, and organize various forms of community services events.

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