4th Xiqu Opera Black Box Festival Opens

Experimental opera Butterfly Effect is staged.

Xiqu artists and lovers gather to enjoy the Xiqu opera feast.

Financially supported by Beijing Culture and Art Foundation, the 4th Xiqu Opera Black Box Festival opened at the Star Theater on October 26, which is co-hosted by Xicheng District Commission of Culture, Beijing Theater Association and Beijing Tianyi Tongge International Culture and Art Co., Ltd. With the theme of "Butterfly", 2017 Xiqu Opera Black Box Festival will continue to become a Xiqu (traditional Chinese opera) grand event for both Xiqu opera artists and lovers.

As the first important event of this year’s festival, the 4th Xiqu Opera Black Box Festival cum the Independent Interaction International Contemporary Art Exhibition kicked off. The organizing committee of the festival produced a new work, The Crossroads 2017 and The Crossroads 2017, Dance, specially for the festival and the exhibition.

70 performances of 19 shows from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, covering 11 kinds of Chinese operas, will be staged during the festival. The opening show is an experimental opera Butterfly Effect by the Chi Chiao Musical Theater from Taiwan, which exactly matches the festival’s theme “Butterfly”. Another show from Taiwan is a small theater Peking Opera show Nie Yin Niang. In addition, there are three small theater shows by the Jingju Theater Company of Beijing, three Kunqu Opera shows, and two Yueju Opera shows respectively by Nanjing Yueju Opera House and Shanghai Yueju Opera House.

The festival also includes a number of local Chinese opera shows: a Cantonese opera Farewell My Concubine by Hong Kong West Kowloon Cultural District Chinese Opera Art Center, a Bangzi opera Joy of Going Back by Beijing Hebei Bangzi Opera Troupe, and a Huai opera Kong Yiji by Shanghai Huai Opera Troupe. The Star Theater will also stage The Crossroads 2017 and One Night Is Lifetime during the festival.

The festival integrates the essence of traditional Chinese opera with the trend of the times to attract more young people to enjoy traditional Chinese culture. All the tickets are sold at less than one hundred yuan, more convenient for ordinary people to enjoy public cultural life and benefit from cultural events organized by the government.

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