Primary School Students Enjoy Frost’s Descent-Themed Experiencing Activity

Recently, the Financial Street Children’s Palace held a Frost’s Descent-themed experiencing activity, as one of the series of 24 solar terms-themed activities, at the Temple of Emperors of Successive Dynasties in China. 50 primary school students in the Financial Street area learned about traditions and folk customs during the Frost’s Descent and the Chongyang Festival by reading related poems, learning to arrange flowers and writing related calligraphy works.

At the beginning of the experiencing activity, Han Lei, a Chinese culture teacher from the Financial Street Children’s Palace, talked about the origin of the Frost’s Descent, the sports people usually do and the flower fit for appreciation during this period, as well as the Frost’s Descent-themed poems. After the lecture, students of the calligraphy and painting classes recited poems on the Frost’s Descent and the Chongyang Festival, and shared their ideas about this solar term. In the experiencing part, students of the Chinese culture class used the most famous flower of the Frost’s Descent chrysanthemum to make a flower arrangement work; students of the painting class drew solar terms-themed works and made chrysanthemum seal paintings; and students of the calligraphy class wrote themed calligraphy works.

Up to now, the Financial Street Children’s Palace has held experiencing activities about knowledge and folk customs of 15 solar terms such as Winter Solstice, Minor Cold, Major Cold, Summer Solstice, Grain Rain, Grain Buds, etc. In the future, they will continue to offer opportunities for more children who love Chinese culture to experience and enjoy the beauty of traditional Chinese culture.

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