Tianqiao Traditional Culture and Art Week Launched to Show Charm of Traditional Chinese Culture

October 31, 2017 Tianqiao Traditional Culture and Art Week cum the series of events in celebration of the 80th anniversary of Beijing Fenglei Peking Opera House’s establishment, the 60th anniversary of Beijing Acrobatic Troupe’s establishment and the 60th anniversary of Beijing Shadow Show Troupe’s establishment was launched at the Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center. From October 31 to November 17, the celebration will include a variety of cultural performances, exhibitions and experiencing events, theme forums, etc.

Beijing government and Xicheng District government attach great importance to the development of traditional Chinese culture, and provide preferential policies and financial support for producing and promoting the performances, resulting in the re-producing of many traditional shows. Moreover, relevant government departments have organized many public events including "ethnic art performances in schools", "Chinese opera performances in schools" and "performances in the countryside", to encourage the inheritance of ethnic art and the promotion of traditional Chinese culture.

Fenglei Peking Opera House has combined Peking Opera with drama elements to produce three Peking Opera dramas. Beijing Shadow Show Troupe is producing a multimedia drama Visual Image of Tianqiao, featuring innovative audio-visual effects instead of a shadow play’s traditional lighting effects, scenery and way of performance. Beijing Acrobatic Troupe’s diabolo show, pole-climbing show and other intangible cultural heritage items are financially supported by the government’s specific funds for intangible cultural heritage.

As a Xicheng District-owned cultural enterprise, Beijing Tianqiao Zenith Investment Group is a platform for cultural integration in Xicheng District. Combining traditional culture with cultural innovation, the company takes advantage of the over 100 years old cultural resources in the Tianqiao area to promote the construction of cultural projects and the development of traditional troupes, and to launch original cultural products.

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